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Coughlin & Associates

Coughlin is a full-service benefits consultant and administrator. Our services include group benefits consulting and plan marketing, claims adjudication and payment, plan administration and correspondence, and individual financial services.
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Manitoba Apprenticeship

Here you will find the information to get started as an apprentice, register for technical training, implement an apprenticeship program in your workplace, challenge the exam for your Certificate of Qualification and much more.
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United Brotherhood of Carpenters

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters is North America's largest building-trades union, with more than a half-million members in the construction and wood-products industries. Features articles from the Carpenters Magazine in .pdf format and has a directory of UBC local offices.
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United Brotherhood of Carpenters Millwrights

A competent millwright brings precision to every job, every day. They accept any challenge and approach every project with the highest of competence and training. The UBC has thousands of professionals who can be at your service, giving you the best in the business - any time and every time.
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Workplace Health and Safety Act

The general object of theWorkplace Safety and Health Actis to protect workers, self-employed persons and others from risks to their safety, health and welfare arising out of, or in connection with, activities in their workplaces.
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Manitoba Employment Standards Code

The general purpose of the Manitoba Employment Standards Code is to help employees and employers learn about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

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Manitoba Labour Relations Act

TheLabour Relations Actis the primary statute regulating labour relations and collective bargaining in Manitoba. It covers most employees in the private and public sectors. The Act provides a means whereby a group of employees can choose a union to represent them.
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Community Unemployed Help Centre

Community Unemployed Help Centre is a non-profit organization that helps people who are having problems with Employment Insurance (EI) or Employment and Income Assistance (EAI). They offer infomation, advice, assitance in preparing appeals, and representation at appeals.
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Manitoba Federation of Labour

The Manitoba Federation of Labour is the province's central labour body, chartered by the Canadian Labour Congress in 1956 to represent the interests of CLC affiliated unions in Manitoba. Visit >

Symptoms of Mesothelioma

The Symptoms of Mesothelioma web site has pulled together as a single resource everything related to asbestos in order to promote education and awareness for victims, their families, and the general public.

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Union Savings

Union Savings Benefit Programs offers exclusive discounts for union members and their families. the nearly 1,000,000 members of the 39 Canadian unions and labour organizations that participate in our program can receive tremendous savings, discounts and special bounus features for a wide range of goods and services.

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