How To Join

The Union needs to see proof of your qualifications and training in the form of Journeyman certificates and apprenticeship documents which show that you have studied your trade. We also need to see documentation of real-life, on-the-tools experience in the form of Records of Employment or pay stubs. Letters of reference and resumes are good supplemental documentation, but for membership in the union the aforementioned records are most important.

There are some requirements for membership :

Journeyman carpenters/scaffolders must have tickets or provable time (pay stubs, employment or invoice records) in the trade.

Apprentices must have an apprentice log book or proof of apprenticeship. It is up to apprentices to establish relationships with employers and the Manitoba Apprenticeship Board.

People without formal apprenticeship must be working in the trade and have significant provable hours and those working non-union should help the Organizing Department in an effort to organize their employer.

Alone We Beg, Together We Bargain!


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