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The Saskatchewan and Manitoba Regional Councils merged in January 2012 to become the Prairie Arctic Regional Council of Carpenters, Drywallers, Millwrights, and Allied Workers. (PARC for short!) The new council not only serves the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba but also the Northwest Territories and Nunavut and covers approximately 4.7 million square kilometers.


PARC currently has two millwright locals, four carpenter locals and one multi-craft local serving a diverse group of unionized workers across the prairies. The two millwright locals are involved in new construction and the maintenance of existing facilities. Two of the carpenter locals cover scaffolding, drywall, and all aspects of carpentry for the construction industry, as well as refrigeration and manufacturing. The third local is involved with school division #1 in Winnipeg and the fourth local is working closely with Hudson's Bay Mining and Smelting in Flin Flon Manitoba.

We now service approximately 2800 members and continue to grow at a rapid pace. There are training centers in Winnipeg, Regina, and Saskatoon that are dedicated to providing the most up to date safety and skills training to our members. Our contractors expect the very best tradespeople that the industry has to offer and our training centers make sure we can deliver. We have the most comprehensive safety training in the industry and believe in life-long learning. Our journeypersons don't just achieve their Red Seal and stop there, they are constantly upgrading their skills in the latest technologies for their respective industries and maintaining their safety training to keep up with the newest guidelines.

If there was ever a time to work Union in our area it is now. From contractors thinking about a new way of doing business to tradespeople looking for a change there has never been a better time. We are highly skilled, productive, and safe. We provide learning opportunities and careers that you can be proud of. Call us or drop by, we welcome an opportunity to meet you.



Multi-Trade Local 1999


This local was created to help combat CLAC and the like from unionizing across our jurisdiction which includes Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Local 1999 attracts larger contractors and clients for larger projects. Local 1999’s collective agreements aide in harmonizing jurisdictional disputes on job sites by eliminating the jurisdictional clause in collective agreements. The uniqueness to these agreements is that they are multiple jurisdictional and the uniqueness has helped to attract large-scale contractors. This local was formed to help grow unionization as well as the UBC. Rates are set at the prevailing unionized rates in the area.

Millwrights Local 1443


Millwrights Local 1443 is a group of approximately 200 Red Seal Millwrights, Apprentices, and Welders.  Contractors that are signatory to our Collective Agreement contact the Union Hall for Millwrights to work for them on jobs throughout Manitoba.


As Millwrights, our work consists of:

  • shut down and maintenance work on existing plants such as Gerdeau Rolling Mills, Koch Fertilizer, and Griffin Wheel;
  • Power House facilities throughout the province, performing teardowns and overhauling the units from the bottom up;
  • Refurbishing the gates and guides at several different Power House locations
  • Working at several mines throughout the province;


Most of our jobs are short-term, from 1 to 3 weeks when there are shutdowns, but there are large jobs such as overhauling a hydro unit that can provide employment for 10 months to 1 year. Some of our signatory contractors are ABCO, Black and MacDonald, Trotter Morton, Derksen Mechanical, and WesCan.


If you are interested in joining please submit your resume to bolson@myparc.ca and include all certifications and credentials you possess that are relevant to the trade.


Carpenters Local 343

Carpenters Local 343 was originally founded in 1888.  The Local currently represents approximately 700 carpenters and Interior System Mechanics throughout the Province of Manitoba. The work our members perform is predominantly concrete forming however that is not to say that other types of work do not exist for our members. Many of our contractors have a “Special Projects” division and this type of work includes a broad scope of the Carpenter Trade. Additionally, as mentioned above, the Local represents a number of Interior System Mechanics. This is the trade historically known as the Drywall Trade. There are also a number of contractors that work with the Local in the Scaffold Trade. This is a trade which specializes in the construction of access structures.

As our work is predominantly concrete forming, many of the contractors that are signatory to our collective agreement excel in this type of work. They include such contractors as PCL, Bird, Stuart Olson, and Ellis Don. This is where the bulk of our membership work but certainly not exclusively.


Our employers and the Union are committed to training and encourage our membership to take advantage of the Apprenticeship Program and ultimately secure their Red Seal Certification. As we are active in the Apprenticeship Program we need to comply with ratio requirements as outlined by the Province. It is the ratios of Journeypersons to apprentices in addition to the workload of our contractors that dictate the number of new members we bring in to the organization.


If you are interested in joining please submit a resume to bolson@myparc.ca and include all certifications and credentials you possess that are relevant to the trade.


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